Welcome to Defence-In-Depth

Welcome to Defence-in-Depth, the research blog of the Defence Studies Department, King’s College London, offering in-depth contemporary and historical analysis of the issues behind defence.

The Defence Studies Department is based at the Joint Services Command and Staff College of the UK Defence Academy in Shrivenham, Oxfordshire. It is an interdisciplinary department comprising a mixture of political scientists, international relations and regional security specialists, strategic studies experts, as well as military, naval, diplomatic, and imperial historians. We educate officers in the British and international armed forces and other governmental departments related to defence.

This position gives us a unique perspective on the issues behind defence. Defence-In-Depth showcases the latest research conducted by members of the department and guests, offers unique comment and analysis on news and events that dominate defence, as well as commentary on issues within professional military education. It also offers articles that explore the historical background to many of these topics, as well as subjects relevant to the world around us today.

Defence Research

The Defence Studies Department is a world-leading research institution, blending disciplines from the social sciences and the arts and humanities. Defence-In-Depth showcases the latest research by members of the department, as well that of select guests.

Contemporary Analysis

One of the aims of Defence-In-Depth is to offer cutting-edge analysis of news and events that impact on the defence agenda. These articles offer comment on the background to these stories, provide all-important context, and give unique perspectives.

Professional Military Education

The reason the Defence Studies Department exists is to provide education to professional military personnel and King’s College London is a world leader in this area. Defence-In-Depth showcases how our cutting-edge research can influence professional military education, theory, and practice.

The Historical Perspective

Many of the stories that dominate defence today have long-term causes or are themselves rooted in history. History provides important understanding of the political, social, and cultural factors that shape the world today. Defence-In-Depth provides unique and cutting-edge historical analysis that adds to our knowledge of the forces that drive contemporary events.


Defence-In-Depth provides the opportunity for interaction with world-leading researchers who are shaping the debates within in the field of defence studies. Readers should feel free to comment on any posts on the site, and authors will endeavour to respond.

Dr. Robert T. Foley and Dr. Huw Davies

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