DR FRANCESCO MILAN On Sunday November 1st, Turkey will hold the second general election this year. This comes after the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) failed to find an agreement with opposing parties to form a coalition government, having previously fallen short of obtaining enough votes to secure its own parliamentary majority in the… Read More SECURITISING TURKEY’S NOVEMBER ELECTIONS

Commemorating the First World War at Sea

DR DAVID MORGAN-OWEN Last week the Culture Secretary announced the government’s plans for the centenary commemorations of the Battle of Jutland. In addition to remembering the sacrifice of those sailors who lost their lives in the Battle itself, he described the anniversary as an opportunity to remember ‘the pivotal role that the Royal Navy played… Read More Commemorating the First World War at Sea

American Decline and The Middle East: The Role of Isolationism

DR CINDY MAY Nearly every major International Relations journal has recently forecasted the United States’ decline. Washington’s limited role in NATO airstrikes in Libya and President Obama’s restrained foreign policy are cited as evidence of American demise. The decline perspective (summarised here, here and here) maintains that “foreign policy failures, most notably the Iraq conflict, have… Read More American Decline and The Middle East: The Role of Isolationism

Domestic Challenges to US Primacy?

This is the third in a series of posts from a recent research symposium organised by Dr Ellen Hallams on ‘The Reconfiguration of American Primacy in World Politics: Domestic and International Challenges.’ In this piece, Dr David Houghton discusses the role of domestic factors in shaping current and future US foreign policy. DR DAVID HOUGHTON Domestic impediments to US… Read More Domestic Challenges to US Primacy?